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USA Veteran and Military Support Foundation, Inc.

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named individual) hereby waive and forever release and hold harmless MMSFI (Cape Cod Military
Support Foundation, Inc., Massachusetts Military Support Foundation, Inc. and USA Veteran and
Military Support Foundation, Inc.), and each of their affiliates, officers, directors, employees, other
volunteers, or any other individual at any MMFSI property or function, and any other parties (the
“Released Parties”) from all claims, demands, grievances, and causes of action of every kind
whatsoever including, but not limited to, all liability for injuries and/or damages of every kind,
nature or description which may hereafter arise from or out of my (or the named individual’s)
involvement and participation in any event related to MMSFI, beyond the coverage granted and the
limits of liability of MMSFI’s Limited Accident Policy.
I grant full permission for organizers to use photographs and/or video or audio recordings of me
and quotations from me in accounts and promotions of this event or to promote the work of
MMFSI or other Released Parties. I acknowledge that MMSFI may access Sex Offender Registry
Information (SORI) for the purpose of screening current and otherwise qualified prospective
employees, board members and volunteers. Certain volunteers and staff may also be required to
provide specific written authorization for additional criminal records screening.

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Massachusetts Military Support Foundation, Inc. is confidential and will
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violation of this Agreement and Recipient hereby agrees that in addition
to any legal or other rights that may be available in the event of a breach
hereunder, Massachusetts Military Support Foundation, Inc. may seek
equitable relief to enforce this Agreement in any Court of competent